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Creative Healing Workshops

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We're mobile throughout the GTA!!


Wellness Workshops:

Foster Team & Personal Wellness 

Encourage authentic self-reflection

Promote respectful discussions on diversity

Stimulate creativity & innovation

Workshops can be tailored to diverse teams

& budgets

Participant Feedback


"Exceeded my expectations.. came with the objective to calm my mind - objective achieved!"

"Helped me to relax and reflect."

"The setting in the park & the yoga was awesome.  Painted for the first time in years!"

"Relaxing in nature with yoga & painting.... it was an amazing event."


"The vibe was very positive"


Wellness Workshops:

Calm life's stresses and infuse more fun into your life while you celebrate with friends/family!

Great for: 

Girls Night!

Self-improvement Groups

Youth Groups

and more!

Workshops can be tailored to diverse groups & budgets

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Daily Deep Dive Workshop Series 

Creative Healing Workshops....

become your own Perfectly Imperfect Picasso while learning to manage

work & life's stresses! 

In our creative healing workshops, you will learn to embrace the beauty in your own perfectly imperfect creations.  Using reclaimed wood & other recycled materials, you'll get to make your own masterpiece to take home and enjoy.

The Village art healing workshops also give you the opportunity to self-reflect, connect and build your "mental health toolkit" by experiencing various alternative healing practices to feed your body, mind and soul.  

Our Creative Healing Workshops may include:

  • Art Activity

  • Nature/Eco Therapy

  • Movement Therapy

  • Music Therapy

  • Psycho-education

Healing Topics: 


Imposter Syndrome

Limiting Beliefs

Anxiety management 

Fostering a positive mindset

Developing Confidence & Self-Compassion

Loving your body

Sexual health

Breaking Bad Habits (Substance & Food Addictions)

Thriving through Grief

and more!


  1. Workshop facilitation & art supplies 

  2. Psycho-Educational Healing Topic

  3. Creative Healing Box for each participant

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Past Workshops:

Sugarbush Nature Walk and Talk - Poster.png

You can view the Recording of

The Voices of Black Youth Live chat


Workshops can be tailored to various groups, topics and budgets.... 

Contact us for a quote 

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