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Sexuality is a natural part of human existence but is the most secretive and taboo aspect of our lives.  Our sexual self-esteem is an intrinsic part of our overall self-image and  Sensual Me aims to promote a healthy sexual self-esteem through open discussion, education and a lot of flirty fun!

​Sensual Me parties are for women offering art therapy, education & sexual enhancement products to promote healthy sexual play.  Our parties focus on building a healthy sexual self-esteem and educating you on everything to do with sex!

Come, learn & laugh!!


Sensual Me parties are 3+ hours of inspired learning & laughs with your friends and includes:

*Sexual Enhancement Products  featuring only toys & products that will promote & enhance female sexual health & fulfillment.
*Sexual Education discussing all the things we thought we knew about sexuality but really didn't!                                                               (Check out our "Did you know" page!)
Sex Education Topics include:
  • Health benefits of sex for your body

  • Regaining your sexual confidence

  • Sex & Spirituality - exploring sex and our belief systems

  • Body beautiful - loving your body

  • Celibate & Sensual

  • Reigniting the flame in your bedroom

Are you struggling with a sexual issue that you are too embarassed to discuss with your partner or friends....  

Sensual Me's individual services may be for you.  Whether it is learning to love your body, feeling sexy again or just trying to figure out if you even have a G-spot - Sensual Me can help!

Are you & your partner enjoying your sex life as much as you'd like to...


Sensual Me can help you develop and maintain a healthy sexual relationship.  Sometimes problems outside of the bedroom will affect the quality of your sex life.  Using SENSATE FOCUS TECHNIQUES, Sensual Me can help you identify and address these problems and guide you in developing new and exciting ways of discovering each other - in and out of the bedroom! 



Ready to have "the talk" with your daughter.....

Sensual Me can help you with this, often dreaded, conversation!   At Sensual Me we will help facilitate an open discussion between you and your daughter to ensure that you are raising a woman with a healthy sexual self-esteem!

If you are a mother who wants to ensure that you are imparting healthy sexual attitudes to your children - Sensual Me can help!  We can educate you on  normal sexual development & healthy sexual attitudes from infancy to adulthood.

Developing Young Ladies with a healthy self-esteem and a strong sense of sexual self-worth!

(no sexual enhancement products are presented)


In today's society, girl's are bombarded by images of sexuality that can be confusing and very damaging to their newly developing sexual identities.   While sex education may be covered in school, girls often lack the information they need to help them understand how to manage the emotions and pressures they feel regarding their burgeoning sexuality.  


Through education and open discussion, Sensual Me's preteen/teen workshops aim to promote a sense of self worth and a healthy sexual self-esteem that will assist our girls in making choices that will be beneficial to them in the long run.


Workshops can be girls only or mother's & daugthers and include topics such as: 



  • Managing Menstruation

  • Virginity & Celibacy

  • Masturbation

  • Safe Sex

  • Sex & Spirituality/Religion

  • Peer pressure

  • Body beautiful

  • Healthy sexual self-esteem



Information for parents:   It is important for you, as a parent, to understand my point of view so you can make an informed decision to ensure that topics covered in the workshop are in line with your personal belief system and the beliefs you are trying to instill in your daughters.  I encourage you to ask me questions and express any concerns you may have. 





The Village Workshops... 4-week therapeutic workshop offering ongoing support during your healing journey

  • 4-week session ($750*) - insurance benefits accepted split payment option available - discount available for clients with financial hardship  

  • Includes:

    • Creative Art Care Package

    • Psycho-educational seminar

    • 2 x 20-minute check-in counselling sessions

    • daily deep dive (reflection exercise)

    • creative art activity & materials,

    • guided visualization

    • additional resources 

    • and more!

Bathe Workshops ....make your own bath/body creations to pamper your body, mind & spirit

In this healing workshop, you'll make nourishing, hand-crafted, bath & body products encouraging you to pamper your body while healing your spirit & mind.


 Bathe workshops make a variety of products such as bath milk, body scrubs & bath bombs using natural ingredients & essential oils such as oatmeal, dead sea salts, pink himalayan salts, coffee, lemon, aloe vera etc.....

coming soon!


The Village Care Packages are included in every

4-week healing workshop.


The content of each package is specially selected to aid in healing & wellness depending on the focus of the workshop.


*bathe products are hand crafted, natural & preservative-free bath & body care products made in small batches.  It's best to use the products within a month  in order to maintain  freshness.  


 Popular bathe ingredients include:

Coconut Oil

Coconut Milk


Brown or Coconut sugar

Pink Himalayan & Dead Sea Salt

Cocoa, Shea, Avocado & Mango Butter

Baking Soda

Epsom Salts

Ground Oatmeal

Essential Oils

Vitamin E 



Hypnotherapy may be helpful in addressing the unconscious thoughts and beliefs that you may have which may be hindering your ability to thrive.  Hypnotherapy uses a clean approach by avoiding any drugs or chemicals and encourages you to enter a state of deep relaxation.  In this deeply relaxed state, you're subconscious mind is more open to therapeutic suggestions that can aid in the healing process.  

Hypnotherapy is beneficial in:

  • Helping you remain emotionally balanced while increasing your ability to focus during stressful situations.

  • Increases your ability to detach yourself from bad habits and obsessive/destructive behaviors such as substance abuse and smoking, which can increase anxiety and depressive symptoms.

  • Encourages a more positive worldview and allows you to feel more in control of your life.

  • Reduces symptoms associated with major depressive disorders and anxiety by forming new conditions for personal empowerment.

Corporate Wellness 


Do know the key to :


  • higher profit levels

  • positive company reputation

  • better ability to recruit and retain talent

  • higher employee morale

  • improved employee engagement

  • enhanced productivity

  • more creativity and innovation 

  • reduced risk of grievances or legal issues


Happy, diverse, stress-free employees!   


It makes good business sense to foster a positive, inclusive work environment.  In Canadian workplaces, stress & mental health concerns cost employers about $20 billion/year!(1)  For Racialized employee's, they have the added stress of trying to manage:

  • micro-aggressions & biases

  • "code-switching" for cultural organization "fit" 

  • systemic exclusion from opportunities 

The Village can assist employers in understanding how to attract & engage a diverse workforce by creating a psychologically healthy work environment for all employees.  

Services offered: 

✓ Manager training & education

✓ Employee wellness workshops

✓ Individual employee wellness

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